Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black Cowboys in Comic books

While surfing the Internet I came across a wonderful article written by Author and Comic book Historian, Prof. William H. Foster. The article titled Black Cowboys in Comic books is an interesting look at a very overlooked sector of comic book literature.

Prof. Foster begins the article with an image of Lobo, one of comic books' earliest characterizations of the Black cowboy. He continues with a brief history of stories which featured Black cowboys, such as the 1957 Dell Published comic book titled Golden West Rodeo Treasury No. 1 which featured a story about real life Black cowboy, Bill Pickett. He was a Rodeo performer known as the creator and innovator of bulldogging.
Prof. Foster continues to give great examples of other Black cowboys in comic books; to read the full article follow the link:http://www.blacksci-fi.com/fosters-freeho ld/article/black_cowboys_in_comic_books/
For me I feel honored, because the article ends with a look at a contemporary story about Black cowboys, which was written by yours truly, and the story is titled, "Reflection in the Water" and features Jonas McCabe(TM). To read "Reflection in the Water"
in digital format follow the
Thank you Prof. Foster for a great article and the kind words about my work. -
Carl Herring Jr. President
Three J Productions, LLC.

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