Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three J Productions, LLC gives sneek peek at Crime Wave Anthology vol 1

Three J Productions, LLC won't release Crime Wave Anthology vol 1 until Feb 09, but offers a sneek peek at this exciting new publication at . Crime Wave Anthology vol 1 is the company's first full color publication, as well as being the first release of the new year. The comic book features three stories written by company founder and President, Carl Herring Jr. . "Above The Law", the first of three stories, features FBI duo Chase and Hunt as they travel to a small town to clear a friend accused of murder. But the town's sheriff is the only witness. Chase and Hunt return in the second story, "End Game" which pits the two agents against Chase's old enemy, John Terry a.k.a. The Game Master serial killer. Chase is forced to play a very deadly game mastermind by Terry. Chase and the lives of several hostages hang in the balance. In the end, it may be up to Hunt to save the lives of her partner and the hostages. "Safe House" is the third story, and features D.E.A. Enforcers Clayton Jagger and Rio Mendez in their first appearance since the now famous Enforcers Limited Edition Zero Issue. Jagger and Rio must protect a federal witness who has been mark for death. The two Enforcers find themselves in the fight of their lives when the location of their safe house is uncovered by a team of assassins. All of this excitement is avaliable for preview at the company's Comicspace web site.