Sunday, April 3, 2016

Superhero Spotlight: Jonas McCabe Bounty Hunter, Hero, Legend

This month's superhero spotlight is on Jonas McCabe.  Although not a superhero in the traditional sense; Jonas McCabe's adventurous exploits during the post Civil War era as a bounty hunter and US Marshal in the old west are filled with heroic deeds.  To many, Jonas is a hero, to others he is a bounty hunter to be feared, but to all who come to know him, he is a legend.

Jonas McCabe is born to slaves and the lone survivor of what has become known as The Potter's Field Massacre.  As an infant he is rescued by a white man and his Cherokee wife to be raised as their son and as a free man.  He is taught to believe that a man's worth is not determined by the color of his skin, but by his actions and deeds.
Jonas McCabe :  Black male, Age: late 20s, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Height: 6'1, Weight: 225lbs.

Known Affiliations:  United States Calvary Buffalo Soldier Division, Bounty Hunter, and US Marshal by special appointment from President Ulysses S. Grant.

First Appearance:  Comicbook Artist Guild Anthology # 7

Special Skills:  Expert Hand to Hand Combat with specific training in Wrestling and Boxing.  Weapons expert with specific training with a Knife, Bow
                                           and Arrow, Pistol and Rifle.

Jonas McCabe's first appearance is "Reflection In The Water" a short story published by The Comicbook Artist Guild  and written by Carl Herring Jr.  The book is Comicbook Artist Guild Anthology # 7 and is available at
  Jonas McCabe created by Carl Herring Jr. and is Trademark and Copyright Property of Three J Productions, LLC 2016.