Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

The year 2012 has come and gone.  The year 2013 is here and the world is still standing.  As with all new years, comes the prospect of new resolutions.

For Three J Productions, LLC the new year holds the prospect for new projects, featuring our ever growing library of exciting and colorful characters like The Enforcers, Jonas McCabe(TM), Chase and Hunt (TM) and Black Tao(TM) to name a few.

The new year also holds the prospect for new endeavors like Three J Productions' move into film and television, while maintaining our line of top notch publications and keeping our commitment to being "the first name in visual arts entertainment"(TM).

I want to thank everyone who has shown their support for Three J Productions over the past year and look forward to their continued support during 2013.

Thanks again and Happy New Year! -
Carl Herring Jr. / President