Sunday, February 14, 2016

Carl Herring Jr.'s Comic book creations, Black Tao, Jonas McCabe and Maddox Turner on display at UConn Stamford Campus

In honor of Black History month UConn Stamford Campus will be exhibiting works of art by African American Cartoon and Comic book creators, as well as showcase African American characters from the cartoon and comic book industry.

Among the exhibitors are  Mort Walker featuring Lt. Flap in Beetle Bailey, Ray Billingsley (Curtis), Prof. William Foster III (Comic book Historian) and Carl Herring Jr. featuring Black Tao, Jonas McCabe and Maddox Turner.  Plus the artwork of Tod Smith, Ejay Russell and Ed Coutts will be on display.

The exhibit runs from February 1 through March 5, 2016.  For more info go to UConn Stamford Campus website events page.