Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Superhero Spotlight: Rio Mendez of The Enforcers

This month's superhero spotlight is on Rio Mendez of The Enforcers.

Rio Mendez: Hispanic Female, Age: late 20s, Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown, Height: 5'6", Weight: 135lbs.

Known Affiliations: N.Y.P.D., Federal Enforcers Crime Task Force Unit.

First Appearance: The Enforcers Limited Edition Zero Issue.

Special Skills: Expert in hand to hand combat, with specific training in Karate and Judo. Expert skill with all types of firearms. Also has expert knowledge in computer operations, having worked with N.Y.P.D. Cyber Security Division.

Rio Mendez born and raised in Bronx, NY is a former rookie officer with the N.Y.P.D., now serving as a member of an elite crime task force unit known as Enforcers,  The mission of the Enforcers is to take down high level crime lords in specific areas using special training and equipment.  New York City serves as ground zero for Rio and her fellow Enforcers as they take on New York's most powerful crime organization known as the Alliance.

The exploits of Rio Mendez can be found in The Enforcers Comic books available at www, and at Indyplanet by following the

Rio Mendez created by Carl Herring Jr. and is Trademark and Copyright Property of Three J Productions, LLC 2017.