Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Three J Productions, LLC and Carl Herring Jr. Get Demented 2

The new year has arrived, which means Three J Productions, LLC has new exciting projects to announce for 2020.  The first project I am thrilled to announce is a new film investment opportunity that I came across to start off the year.

The film is titled Demented 2: The Beginning by writer, director and founder of New Blood Entertainment Nigel Hartwell.  I have a small financial stake in the film plus an IMBD credit as a producer.

To learn more about Demented 2: The Beginning follow the link

To see what else is coming soon from Three J Productions, LLC check back to this blog with production updates and news on 3JP Comics upcoming publications.  And as always thank you all for the continued support. -

Carl Herring Jr. / President Three J Productions, LLC

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