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Black Tao ™ short story E-book exclusive on Three J Productions, LLC Blog page

Three J Productions, LLC and 3JP Comics present an exclusive Black Tao short story written by Carl Herring Jr. in e-book format done in prose style with illustrations by artists Tod Smith and Ejay Russell.

Black Tao "From Within" special e-book edition published by Three J Productions, LLC.  Black Tao™ and copyright Property of Three J Productions, LLC 2020.  All Rights Reserved.

The events and characters in this e-book are entirely fictional.  Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  No portion of this e-book may be used or reproduced by any means (digital or print) without written permission from Three J Productions, LLC except for review purposes.

"From Within"
Page One
Act I

     Present day Hokkaido, Japan. Nestled in the mountainous region of the island sits a centuries old, secluded compound that is surrounded by an eight foot high wooden fence.  The compound consists of six wooden buildings. Located in the center of the compound is the largest building, a pagoda which stands three stories high. The pagoda is very majestic in appearance, while the five smaller buildings which surround the pagoda in a semi-circle look very utilitarian in their design. The five smaller buildings are the living quarters of the current inhabitants of the compound, while the pagoda serves as a monument to its original inhabitants, the founders of the Black Tao ninja clan.

Page Two

     The Black Tao ninja clan is considered by many to be the first and only true ninja clan. Created during Japan's Heian Period by its founding fathers, Hattori Hanzo, Kusunoki Masashige, Sanada Yukimura, Fujibayeshi Ito and Tokugawa Hayato. Together with a few of their followers they created the fighting style known as the art of Ninjutsu. But it became more than just a style of combat, it became a way of life.  Practitioners had to adhere to a strict code of physical and mental discipline, as well as a strict code of honor in how they used their abilities. 
     Through years of vigorous physical and mental training, the Black Tao ninjas were believe to have superhuman capabilities. During Japan's warring years, Black Tao ninjas successfully defended their lands from foreign invaders and stories of their superhuman exploits in defeating their enemies became legend and they were looked upon as heroes to the people of Japan.
     After the great wars were over, the Black Tao ninjas found that their skills were no longer needed. Many of them went back to their lives as farmers and laborers. Others found that they could make more money using their skills as ninjas to protect wealthy businessmen and their families from bandits while traveling.  The founding fathers now known as The Elders, were fearful of allowing their ninjas to use their skills in such a manner for fear that their actions could bring dishonor to The Black Tao legacy, so a set of rules were put in place for any ninjas that wanted to use their skills for hire. 1) The person who seeks protection must be of honest profession and of good character - this was a way to ensure that Black Tao ninjas did not work for warring crime lords.  2) Killing was not allowed, unless it was in defense of their lives or the lives of those under their protection - this was to ensure that there would be no jobs of paid assassinations. 3) Conduct must always be true to the teachings of the Black Tao ways.

Page Three

     The Black Tao ninjas were regarded as heroes of Japan after the great wars were over, but with the passage of time, stories of their heroism turned into stories of their viciousness as hired assassins. The Elder, Hattori Hanzo unbeknownst to his fellow Elders, deploys spies throughout the countryside to learn more about these stories of Black Tao ninjas performing hired assassinations, which was a violation of the Black Tao code of discipline. Hanzo's spies discover that these ninjas were not Black Tao, but another set of ninjas calling themselves  the Red Dragon ninja clan. Hanzo is informed by his spies that the Red Dragon ninjas are being trained and swear their allegiance to their master, Crimson Death, who is discovered to be Black Tao Elder, Tokugawa Hayato. The Elders confront Tokugawa about his betrayal and his dishonoring of the Black Tao ninja clan. He is found guilty of violating the clan's code of discipline and sentenced to death. Before his sentence can be carried out, Tokugawa with the help of some of his loyal ninja followers is able to escape...

End Of Act I
To Be Continued Next Month
BLACK TAO ™ and © 2020
Three J Productions, LLC 
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